PlanTrak® is an online monitoring and tracking tool for not for profits and small to medium sized businesses. It provides boards, managers and business owners with information about how they are going against key performance indicators and deliverables.

PlanTrak® brings plans and strategies to life by providing an easy way for people to track progress. It is a tailored tool which is built around each organisation’s plan. It can be used extensively across all parts of an enterprise or it can track progress against specific goals or projects.


  • Is tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs – is not an off the shelf product
  • Huge time saver for organisations preparing regular reports for Board of Directors or management teams
  • Provides reports which enable Boards, managers and business owners to focus on the things that matter
  • Data is easy to enter and reports are easy to generate and interpret
  • Enables everyone involved in a small or family business to be involved in strategy and management decision making
  • Improves the quality of decision making by reducing the lag time between data and decisions
  • Doesn’t require huge software investment or continual updates


There are no software costs or need to continually update the system for PlanTrak® users as it operates on an annual license. The price of an annual PlanTrak® license depends on size and the number of users. Talk to us for more information.

Wrap around services

We can provide wrap around support for organisations using PlanTrak® including in the areas of:

  • Planning – working with you to develop strategic, business and operational plans including plans on a page
  • Management coaching – working with you one on one or in teams to review PlanTrak® reports and develop ongoing strategy
  • Organisational capacity building – helping you identify your strengths and gaps and supporting you to continue to strengthen your organisation’s capacity to manage change into the future
  • Governance effectiveness – working with Boards and committees to undertake effectiveness reviews and support ongoing capacity building and governance development